About Super Beetle Solutions

Super Beetle Solutions was born from necessity. Our mother company, State of Mind Customs, is a restoration and marketing company in Michigan. Our offerings are solutions we have found that make sense for our customers and now we can bring to market as a solution that works for you. We install these products and use them every day so we know our product line-up. Our Disconnect Switch Assemblies allow battery power kill for purposes including fire and theft (keyed) protection. We offer:

  • Bug coupe lever type or keyed: all models
  • Bug convertible lever type or keyed: all models

Our customers were asking for a simple way to kill battery power without removing the back seat. Many of our customers have newer radios installed with memory running in the background or, air ride suspensions etc. that rob battery power if left connected. When we first started installing disconnect switches, we were crimping our own cables because the factory battery cables had to be modified first in order to be installed. We were hand fabricating every bracket and other related parts. We found this was not an acceptable installation from quality, labor-time and cost perspectives. The process was inefficient and expensive. In the shop, we wanted to use a high quality product at a reasonable price, and no one offered what we bring to you.

  • Our bracket assembly is made custom for us in the United States and is plated
  • Our main cable is custom made for us in the US by a cable company
  • Our boot covers are made in the US
  • Our disconnects and brackets have a D slot anti rotate (very important) and are plated to resist corrosion
  • Battery charger and life line compatible

Contact us at info@superbeetlesolutions.com

Super Beetle Solutions